Clothing in New Zealand can be quite expensive, and there seemed to be very few workarounds for getting good quality clothing for a decent price. No H&M, no Uniqlo, no Forever 21, no J.Crew, Target kinda but its mostly furniture. Topshop, yes, but hit-or-miss to me.

I’ve asked other women in an expat group what they do when they need to buy new clothes; their responses are something along the lines of “I wait until I travel abroad.”

It’s turning autumn now, and my summer-in-Southeast-Asia dresses and shorts aren’t going to cut it. I figure I have to suck it up and shell out for overpriced new clothes… until my sister-in-law spread a rumor to me that ended up being true: New Zealand Post forwards purchases made in the U.S., Europe and China.

The service is called YouShop, and it’s free to register. New Zealand Post gives you three addresses: a U.S. one, a China one, and a U.K. one. Depending on where you buy things from, you use the relevant address to ship it to YouShop’s warehouse.

YouShop then emails you an alert that your packages arrived. At that point, YouShop tells you how much it will be to forward the packages to NZ, and asks for what address it should be sent to.

The base price for forwarding is $17.25 NZD, that covers the package and the first 500g. Each additional 500g costs $4.50 NZD.

If you time it right, for example you wait until Old Navy has a free 2-day shipping promotion, you basically only pay for international shipping. (<--Me, I did that. Cheapish shipping. Holla.) How long will it take for the packages to come? The website says four to six days. Some retailers already ship to New Zealand. J. Crew ships for a flat $40 NZD. YouShop basically covers everyone who doesn't ship. That still doesn't explain why can I buy from Uniqlo U.S. and not Uniqlo Australia. That baffles me.