Mt. Eden in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo by Tina.

Mount Eden (or Maungawhau in Maori) is a volcano that also provides one of the best places to view central Auckland and beyond. My first visit here in 2010 came immediately after getting off the flight from L.A. Cracked out, jetlagged, and puffy in the face, all of that didn’t seem to matter when there was a view like the one here:

Mt Eden in March 2010. Photo by Tina.

The second time I visited was this past Sunday. We now live within walking distance of Mount Eden, and I’ve wanted to do some sort of nature-y walking thing and less of the urban walking-eating-drinking thing.

Mount Eden is a stop on the Coast-to-Coast walk, a roughly 10mi/16km walk across the Auckland isthmus. The hardcore could do the walk in a day; the feature on the Auckland tourism website break up over two days.

There’s a trail from Mount Eden Road up to the top of the volcano, or you can take the sidewalks along the road up. It’s a bit of a steep half-hour hike up to the top, a good workout for the legs.

When I got up there, I recognized the views from our visit in 2010, but this was better, it being the summer and a incredibly clear day, in which you can see the boats zipping through the Hauraki Gulf. Seeing the gult made me want to climb down the mountain and walk toward the harbor to jump on a boat. Actually, anytime we’re downtown, I mentally compute the possibility of jumping on a ferry across the gulf.

Mt Eden (Auckland) in 2015. Photo by Tina.

Summer day on top of Mt. Eden in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo by Tina.

I’m pretty happy that Mount Eden is nearby for fitness hikes, for head clearing when head clearing is needed, when I need to get some legz for swimsuit situations, and for when visitors first arrive. There’s no better place to get acquainted with Auckland after a long 12-hour flight or a good three weeks getting settled.