Right now, another season of Dancing with the Starts New Zealand has begun. The contestant makeup seems similar to that of the U.S. version, down to including former contestants from the Bachelor in the dance contest.

This season, one of the early cuts from DWTS NZ was a guy named Colin Mathura-Jeffree/a>. He was a judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model, a TV personality.

In 2013 (back in DC), I received a tweet from Colin, referring to my work (social media at a think tank) I was chuffed, or pleasantly surprised, someone halfway across the world took an interest in my work. I don’t remember if I followed him first – totally possible. I must have followed him first.

I’m not a DTWS watcher, not in the U.S., not in NZ. Nothing against it, it’s just not my thing. But I was a little bummed to learn that Colin was voted off. I just really appreciated someone taking an interest in my past work, and interacting with me. Hope he keeps dancing in some fashion.