Screenshot of BuzzFeed as accessed by an New Zealand IP address. Screenshot by Tina.

Screenshot of BuzzFeed as accessed by a New Zealand IP address. Screenshot by Tina.

I’m an unapologetic BuzzFeed reader. Say what you will about BuzzFeed (clickbait!), but I probably spend about 10 minutes on it each day.

One of my goals is to learn how to create and code a BuzzFeed-style quiz. What kind of number are you? You’re an eight! A vertical infinity sign! Even and easily halved! A perfect number of apps for a party of four!” (I made all that up.)

When I visit BuzzFeed with a New Zealand IP, I get directed to BuzzFeed Australia. There is a gray banner up top that gives me pause: Switch to US?

Do I click around the Australian site, learn more about the news that’s gaining traffic and about the pop culture references that could help be better understand Antipodean life? (Not to blindly lump Australian culture and Kiwi culture together.)

Or do I go to the U.S. site and immerse myself in what’s familiar?

If I click on “switch to U.S.,” is that a deliberate click against cultural immersion?

If I don’t click on “switch to U.S.,” am I negging America’s (subjectively) greatest export: pop culture?

It doesn’t matter, I read through both. In the words of a U.S. commercial for Old El Paso taco stuff: Por que no las dos? (Why not both?)

Will there ever be a time where I stop clicking on “switch to U.S.”? Tell me in the comments.