In these last few days, I’ve been a pain to be around. That is because when I don’t know what is going on, and by that I mean there are too many details left unknown about the near future, I’m a mess.

But my mood has taken an upswing because we secured a place in Auckland. One new concrete detail regarding the future.

Cue the celebratory music because for a while, it appeared that the Auckland rental market would be just as competitive as New York’s or DC’s. In New York, you’re squeezed out by money; in DC, you’re squeezed out by money and the quality of your job and or humblebragging.

In the case of the Auckland rental market, the quantity of the stock doesn’t meet the demand. It could in a couple of years; there is some building going on so the housing stock will increase, according to our property manager.

We had a couple of things going in our favor in nailing down a place quickly. A good friend of the Kiwi’s who told us to have our landlord references ready. We had discussed that if this place ticked the boxes, we’d take it.

We liked the location of the one we were shown. It had a number of things we wanted: separate kitchen, hardwood floors, decent sized bathroom, a (shared) backyard. BACKYARD.

When the location is good and there’s very little downside to the actual dwelling (closet and storage space are lacking), you have to go for it. Maybe because the property manager said there would be 50 people lining up to see the place once they are back from the holidays. But also, it’s nice to have a place to call your own.

So we have a dwelling. The next few days will be sprucing up the house. And increasing Apartment Therapy‘s page views. Please discourage me from buying a baby pool for the backyard to serve as a wading pool for cocktail sipping.