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One Of Our Locals Has Delicious Fried Lamb Tongue

Cazador platter for two

Really. It was delicious. Anything is delicious when it is fried. Like tarantula. But this was really good.

The Kiwi and I live down the street from a game restaurant called Cazador, one of the top 50 restaurants in Auckland. I’ve passed by a few times when the place had its chalkboard sign out advertising its cozy bar, NZ beer on tap and happy hour.

I like three out of three things there, and so does the Kiwi. And two sets of people have provided good reviews; one of which drives in from the North Shore [aka driving across town] to visit.

We went in on a Saturday night for cozy bar, beer and mulled wine that was fruity without being too sweet. This is when I realized mulled wine doesn’t need cups of sugar, as if I was making sweet tea. Oops. Apologies for anyone who’s had my hot mulled sugar wine.

We walked out post-drinks with all sorts of game in our bellies. Take a look at this platter here.

Cazador's tasting platter for two.

We got (clockwise from top left):

-Hummus and babaghanoosh with assorted breads
-Wild boar terrine with mustard and pickles
-Venison salami
-Fried lamb tongues. I swear, these were delicious with the sauce that tasted like mozzarella stick dipping sauce.
-In the middle, chicken hearts with bacon and parsley.

I reached my personal threshold on pate and chicken hearts – nice, but not for me. No fault of the restaurant’s – the entire platter was returned empty.

This little neighborhood spot, which is actually a destination restaurant, makes evident to me how there are little gems in any suburb in Auckland. Which means any time you go out and explore, you can find something that makes that suburb a destination.

Mmm. Lamb tongue. Carnivores, would you eat lamb tongue? Tell me in the comments.

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Auckland

These were my America pants for the day - red with white polka dots. Photo by Tina.

These were my America pants for the day – red with white polka dots. Photo by Tina.

For the last couple of weeks, I had no plans for the Fourth of July. The Kiwi and I wanted to do something, but what that would be? No clue.

It’s already weird to be wearing a scarf in July (other side of the world, it’s winter), making it difficult to see Instagram pics of people lounging by the pool/lake/ocean. I find myself looking up cute bathing suits to buy, despite it not being bathing suit weather here just yet.

I was feeling somewhat desolate, thinking all we could do a crack open a beer and make an apple pie or something. My weak attempts at figuring out what events were out there… were weak. The embassy did put up a list of events on July 1, but I never saw it because I didn’t “like” their page (I have now).

But, ultimately, we had a really good July 4th, more ‘Merican than I thought it would be…

We did a bar crawl. Not intentionally. But that’s how it ended up.

Bar #1: Windsor Castle, Parnell

The Democrats Abroad Meetup group had a part of the pub for the afternoon. It was really nice to sit down with some other Americans, a few Kiwi-American couples among them, to talk about Auckland, rant about filing U.S. taxes, meet someone who lived across the street from me in DC, and drink some beer.

Bar #2: Woodpecker Hill, Parnell

We passed by this Southern-barbeque-meets-Thai-food spot on the way to the pub, and came back here because there were fried pickles are on the menu (which was actually more like tempura pickled veggies than fried pickle chips – I’m not complaining), a very good bourbon selection, a spicy ginger beer, and what’s more American than fried food and bourbon? NOTHING. AMERICA.

America-celebrating with bourbon and fried pickles.

A photo posted by Tina Trenkner-Meade (@tinatrenkner) on

Bar #3: Late Night Diner, Ponsonby

We heard a rumor amongst the Americans at Windsor Castle that there were American food trucks in Ponsonby (another part of Auckland that was a bus ride away) but we couldn’t find them (didn’t try particularly hard, admittedly). So we went to an upmarket diner and had Late Night Diner’s burgers – as recommended by a Auckland eats expert (and full disclosure, a coworker) in this list of Americana grub:

After a day out, I had no expectations for fireworks. But: Someone a few blocks over did light off some off which we viewed from our porch, making smile like a mesmerized overtired kid at Disney World.

July 4th: Mission accomplished. Now, what to do for Thanksgiving…

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