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A Fun Expat-in-Seoul Blog from a U.S. Journalist: Elise Goes East

Photo via screenshot:

Photo via screenshot:

I wanted to share an expat blog I discovered today by casually reading a journalism journal. Elise Hu, who I don’t know but know the byline through her NPR reporting, had started a Tumblr before she headed out to Seoul.

The Tumblr? Elise Goes East!

Why am I sharing this? It’s an example of someone who blogs alongside her day job as international correspondent. I think it’s really cool that NPR helped her develop the blog, which is described in detail at NiemanLab.

Elise is doing what I hope to do: have a blog while having a day job and that not posing a conflict of interest with whatever job I end up in. (I declare this blog on my resume, so no one should be caught off guard.)

I think I want to use Elise’s Tumblr as a model for blogging about being in a new country, new city, and how to explore the culture in a personable, conversational, friendly and respectful way.

So, enjoy Elise’s Tumblr. Seoul is one of the places I wish we stayed a little longer, and I often find myself daydreaming about a girl’s weekend in Seoul visiting Korean spas and eating my weight in bulgogi and mandu and kimchi.

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  1. Hey I’m sorry I just discovered your shoutout but THANK YOU! Very kind.

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