Blogs are high-maintenance beasts. They’re like a child, not that I have a child, but they require tending and watering in the form of new content, new things to share, new things to write about. New content gets people like you to keep coming back here, clicking ads, clicking pages, etc.

Which, by the way, thank you for visiting and reading and commenting. I get really excited when I see comments and emails about something I wrote. And I hope you enjoy what I write about.

On some weeks, it’s tough to keep up the effort. Especially in a situation where I’m still adapting to a new environment. Granted, I arrived in Auckland in December, but I’m not on autopilot yet. A year ago, I could walk home from work with my eyes closed, know what times to avoid the line at the supermarket, and the likelihood of getting a table at Vinoteca for loud-brunch. (Vinoteca doesn’t actually call it loud-brunch, but it should.) I’m still working on Auckland-on-autopilot.

Andrew Sullivan quit blogging after 15 years to spend more time in the real world. Now, let me take a second to say I am in no way comparing myself with Andrew Sullivan. Any person who can blog daily for 15 years gets a chocolate fish and a medal. But I did take some inspiration from him to say:

In the next couple of weeks, Auck Ward will update a little less frequently. I want to take some time to focus more on getting used to this not-so-new place. Some things that have been up in the air are starting to settle into routine. Which is exciting! And something I want to experience without thinking “this would be really good for the blog.”

Once I have more of a routine, I can come back and blog about trying a Kiwi burger, which actually led to a more interesting conversation about how small businesses pursue blogger relations. Or the awesome trip we took to Coromandel Town, which smelled like smoked mussels everywhere we went. Or maybe the list of Waiheke wineries we visited, but I didn’t want to post in light of weather.

So thanks, bear with me for a bit, and hopefully will have more to share soon.

How do you stay motivated to blog when you just want to live IRL? Share your struggle with me in the comments.