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Kiwi Snapshot: Sunday Morning Coffees

#WHPlocalstory Parking bikes outside a cafe in Mt Roskill, #Auckland

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Since moving to Balmoral, I’ve become pretty familiar with the part of the street north of where we live. This weekend, I’ve started becoming more familiar with the road south of us.

There’s a Lebanese shop that serves baklava with its coffees and teas.

There’s a French bakery that makes a good croissant and tasty breakfast sandwich, with lines out the door weekend mornings.

And, to the delight of Kiwi, there’s another cafe for his long black fix. We were the first ones in Cafe Urania today, able to pick the best seats and peruse some 1970s Time and Newsweek magazines. It was very cute to see an actual Newsweek; I might have even said “aww.”

Not shortly soon after, a family of four joined in, with kids on trikes.

Kids are welcomed in any cafe. There is often a menu of juices for little ones, or gateway drugs for kids to become accustomed to needing a coffee fix.

I just thought it was really cute to see these little, colorful, plastic bikes outside a cafe with a big hanging chandelier. A fun juxtaposition, but really though, totally normal. In New Zealand, kids hang out with grownups at the local cafe.

Kiwi Snapshot is a sporadic series of photos that document my life in Auckland. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this series, please share them in the comments. Or follow me on Instagram.

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  1. Whoa! I just saw your makeover on Jezebel, followed the link to your blog and there was a picture of my neighbourhood! We live just south of this awesome little strip (we moved here a year and a half ago from Canada).

    Love the French bakery. Love the Lebanese store. My kid loves his fluffies.

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