Currently, I’m in the throws of a job search for a digital media editor/producer/manager position in Auckland. I’ve applied for jobs without the work visa. For me, without that work visa, HR has an easy way to filter you out of the pile.

But with work visa in hand, there’s been more activity. (Plug: Here is my LinkedIn page. I like tea, BuzzFeed, editing copy, and telling you the blog and Twitter feed need refreshing. Let’s chat.)

In between times, I’ve been refreshing my digital knowledge and trying to learn a couple of new tricks. This blog helps in keeping my HTML and writing skills fresh. But I also wanted to share two online courses I’ve paid for and found to be incredibly helpful for professional development.

If you already work with digital media, they serve as great references. If you are interested in learning about how websites are built, these will get you coding in no time. Both will cover HTML and CSS: one will cover user experience and web design, the other will cover front and back end code:


Skillcrush screen shot

Skillcrush is a site that offers a user experience, web design, and HTML/CSS course (among other programs), with a women’s empowerment slant. You can start with a free 10-day boot camp, in which you can see what sort of info Skillcrush sends before plopping down money on a course. I did the ten-day boot camp, then enrolled in a user experience, web design, and HTML/CSS course, guided by founder Adda. The students were from all over the world and happy to share what they are working on, giving feedback and troubleshooting problems.

Personally, I’ve found the web design aspects a really fun way to exercise creative impulses. What I enjoyed most about Skillcrush are the free webcasts and guides for sale about starting your own freelance web business, how to embark on a remote digital career, and more.

Rob Percival’s Udemy Complete Web Developer Course

Udemy Rob Percival screen shot.

This course is a full overview of front-end and back-end development, with chapters on HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress and more. I bought into the program in an attempt to get some JavaScript skills and more. I’ve finished the HTML and CSS chapters and am about to start Javascript.

What I like about this course are the videos of Rob doing coding in real time. I find CSS tricky to the point where I need flash cards to remember what term is used for what. Being able to replay Rob’s videos helps me drill the concepts in my brain much more.

The combined cost of the two courses is about $500 USD, but you get unlimited access to the tutorials. Between Skillcrush and Udemy, I feel I have a good reference library of how different web programs and languages work. I hope they do the same for you.

I’ve paid for all of these courses myself. What sort of courses have you paid for to encourage your own professional development? Share them below.