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Where to Visit in New Zealand January 2015

I realized that once we arrive in New Zealand and I get my working papers off to Immigration New Zealand (attempt #2), it will probably take two weeks to process my work visa, and possibly another two weeks to receive a tax ID number. I probably won’t be able to legally work in New Zealand until January 2015.

Which means once we find a place in Auckland, I will have some time to take minitrips around New Zealand. Go to the places I haven’t seen in my first two trips to New Zealand. Maybe I’ll have a freelance project from the States to carry with me (fingers crossed).

So, what I ask of you: Where I should go with that free time? Where would you go if you had the chance to take a few one-to-three-day trips? Go to the beach? Go the the bush? Should I go to a particular town? Should I take one of Air New Zealand’s mystery breaks?

I’m leaning towards taking a bus up towards the Bay of Islands for the beaches, or to Napier to check out the Art Deco architecture.

This is an open call to leave a comment suggesting a town to visit, an environment to check out (a lake? a beach?), or a restaurant or pub or cafe to stop by. If you want to use an alias or a nom de plume, that’s fine.

If you had money for a domestic roundtrip ticket (bus or air) in New Zealand and a couple of nights of cheap lodging, where would you go?


  1. Definitely Bay of Islands. Beaches are gorgeous, and you’ll have perfect weather in January – it was in the low 80s when we were there in January 2014. If you stay in Russell, be sure to have a drink (or ideally a meal) at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel. Napier is cute but not really a whole lot going on to spend more than a few hours there IMHO. Save it for another trip when you can team it with Hawkes Bay wineries.

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