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Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232. Photo by Aero Icarus/Flickr CC:

While putzing around on the phone today trying to reclaim some lost frequent flier miles, I saw a pretty good Cyber Monday deal on Air New Zealand’s U.S. site. It advertises fares from the U.S. to New Zealand from $798 roundtrip in economy for dates late April to early June. Yeah, yeah, I’ll believe it if it’s true.

Well, it’s a pretty good sale. I tested April 28 to May 11 (roughly two weeks), LAX to Auckland roundtrip, with three days flexibility, and the fares are roughly $845 RT.

And if East Coasters can wait out for a sale on Virgin America or Southwest to LAX for a sub-$300 flight, you could feasibly get from the East Coast to Auckland for just over a grand. It’s risky to buy two different flights. I almost missed my flight from Doha to D.C. because of a late separate connection, but the cost savings could make it worth it.

Just for kicks, I tried the same dates, April 28 to May 11, for an Atlanta to Auckland trip, which came out to $1,260. For the dates April 28 to May 11, New York (airport unclear, depends on your flight[s] to the West Coast) to Auckland, it’s $1,155 RT.

The worst part of traveling to New Zealand is the flight to Auckland, which consists of free wine and movies for 12 hours. Awful. Air New Zealand does a really nice flight, and you’ll likely get to watch some sort of clever safety video gone viral.

Actually, let me clarify. The worst part of traveling to New Zealand is the flight to get to LAX. Since Air New Zealand is part of Star Alliance, that means your connecting flight to LAX will most likely be on United…

Sale ends 11:59 Pacific time on December 1. More specials and information on the Air New Zealand (U.S.) website.

Do you think this is a good deal? Tell me in the comments.