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Seoul: Small House, Big Door, Cool Hotel

Towel and toiletries shelf at Small House Big Door in Seoul

En route to Hanoi, we decided to take the ferry from Japan to South Korea, take a train and spend a night in Seoul. Kiwi booked us the most spartan, yet still cool, boutique hotel in Seoul called Small House Big Door.

Small House Big Door only has four floors. The main floor has a popular cafe, judging by the number of tables filled by local businessmen. Most of the hotel staff I saw at check-in and in the cafe wore some combo of chambray shirts and jeans.

This hotel is characterized for its minimalist and compact design and decor. I mean, check out the room where we stayed (note that this is just one room of the hotel). The TV, Internet connection, minifridge, closet space and more are located in one unit.

Multiuse unit in a room at Small House Big Door

The hotel is also knowns for its use of a 3D printer, used for room signs, room keys, lamps and hooks to keep towels and mirrored shelves in place on the toiletry ladder.

Toiletry shelf at Small House Big Door

As for the bathroom: there are two wet areas. One is for the sink, and other is a joint shower-toilet. Imagine a big shower stall, with a toilet on the other side of a glass wall. The stall door, perpendicular to the glass wall divider, is only long enough to shut the shower or the toilet at any one time. Stylistically, it looks really cool; practically, I hope that if one person needs a shower and another person needs to use the bathroom, they can do that area at separate times so the door can provide that person his or her privacy.

Small House Big Door is in a good location, near lots of restaurants and good shopping. And the price isn’t bad at about $90 a night. A quick search of a date in late October 2014 showed rates starting at $115 a night. Seems to be stylish good value for Seoul.

Small House Big Door is located at 6, Namdaemun-ro 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-180, South Korea. Reservations can be made on its website at

Would you stay in a monochrome, modern room like this? Why or why not? (It was soothing to me… Let’s discuss in the comments.


  1. But was there a big door? On another note, I’m sad you didn’t have more friendly felines at the cat cafe! Maybe they would have been more welcoming if you brought a Hiroshama pancake as a nom? Icanhazokonomiyakis.

  2. I would stay there for that amazing unit/magician’s box alone. SO efficient!! Safe travels!!

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