During my last business trip to Doha, a coworker introduced me to Clean Bandit, a British string-electropop foursome. She played their music video “Rather Be,” which is about a Tokyo cook seeing visions of the group during her workday.

This song has turned me into a monster, because I used to play it on loop at work. There’s always something new and cool to hear in the song. That was four months ago. Since then, I’ve heard the song in Doha, Istanbul, the States, and then yesterday in a Spanish wine bar in Tokyo.

Why were we in a Spanish wine bar in Tokyo? It was one of the only places open at 9 a.m. to serve breakfast. We were jetlagged. We wanted food. This place offered continental breakfast, which came with a side of top 40 radio and a surreal experience of listening to a song in the city where its music video was filmed. It was very meta and surreal to me, as if a perfect music editor played the right song at the right time.

So let me share the music video with you. It has 123 million views. 123 million views for a song that only in the last few months hit American shores. It’s funny what sort of works can go viral worldwide.

Ever had a similar experience? For example, have you ever heard “Welcome to Atlanta” upon arriving at Hartsfield? Or “Homecoming” once in Chicago? Did it just weird you out, in a really good way?