The New Zealand Herald reported Sunday about an Auckland woman’s allegation that a plane en route to Auckland airport dumped its human waste on her home. The newspaper posted a picture of the woman’s car — click here to view the picture.

When the Kiwi read this article to me Saturday night, I became concerned because … we’re moving to Auckland. Kiwi emphasized that the article says it’s impossible for planes to dump waste. I re-read that article a few times:

He [Cited aviation expert Peter Clark] added that the foul debris dotting Bass’ home could be one of several things, including bird droppings, but admitted that “nothing is impossible”.

“The tanks on the aircraft can leak, they’ve been known to leak but it’s a very uncommon occurrence,” he said.

“Manufacturers go to great extremes to develop safe systems and operations of aircraft to contain the waste. Planes do not fly around dumping waste.”


Actually, this isn’t a concern of mine: one, because the Kiwi is right; and two, I just spent two days in Flushing, NY, a 10-minute drive from LaGuardia Airport, and my grandparents’ house has never been pooed on. The Kiwi blog Whale Oil also debunked this woman’s allegiations.

I just wanted to blog about this it’s been a very long time since I started writing and I couldn’t pass up a chance to blog about poo.