We are 4 days until funemployment and 15 days until Tokyo. Our apartment is looking emptier and emptier, and it’s starting to make me sadder and sadder. I went out to happy hour with an former co-worker while the Kiwi was sending text updates about the suburban moms who bought our tv and couch off Craigslist. As I walked home (from Dupont to Logan, a 10 minute walk), I wondered how sad I would be to see an emptier apartment. Verdict: sad.

Where... How will I watch "The Mindy Project" on Tuesday night?

Where… How will I watch “The Mindy Project” on Tuesday night?

So, here is how the move is going:

–We had a weekend off from cleaning and making Goodwill runs because we visited the Florida Panhandle. We had a great weekend on the beach, riding bikes, eating blackened grouper and gumbo, drinking local beers… It was really good to have some time with my parents and brother and dog before we left for New Zealand. We’ll see my parents in Atlanta and my brother in Los Angeles, but it was good to see them all in an area of the country where we used to vacation every summer.

–The Kiwi work visa: Oh, I had such high hopes for a successful visa application. I got a call four business days after I dropped off the application, saying I could pick up my passport from the New Zealand visa office. The Kiwi and I went to the office to pick it up — to find that Immigration New Zealand returned my application because it was incomplete. “How…why?” I asked the friendly Kiwi-accented Immigration New Zealand rep over the phone. Because I didn’t have my x-ray form or medical exam forms signed by a certified MD. Boooo.

So I have to go back to those doctors’ offices to ask if they will co-sign what their techs or assistants did. The office that did my medical exam will do it if I give them a day, I bet. They were pretty flexible and didn’t complain about signing the really long work visa forms. The radiologists… I’m not looking forward to visiting them again because of the attitude the radiology tech gave me when I presented the forms the first time.

The plan now is that when we arrive in New Zealand, I will go in on a travel visa and re-send the papers upon arrival. I’d do it earlier, but it takes two weeks to process the visa and uh, we leave for Tokyo in 15 days.

–I sold my iMac and got the full quoted value… which means I can buy my Macbook Air by the end of the week, so I can blog abroad. And also install a pagination plug in, so you don’t have to scroll through a long home page.

–We scheduled a happy hour to see old and current coworkers before we leave, taking place at a local Mexican restaurant. It will be good to see old and new friends before we head out.

–I booked my bus to New York and my train back to D.C. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends in New York before we leave.

This week, we have to tie up loose ends at work and buy our Japan Rail pass, so we can travel across Japan on the high-speed train; book the car to drive down from D.C. to Atlanta (with stopovers in Roanoke and Nashville); and sell more Craigslist stuff. As for your Kiwi piece of pop culture I’d like to leave you with, here is a link about One News reporting on John Oliver’s piece on Eminem’s beef with the National Party.