This is from Santa Rosa Beach, on the Florida Panhandle. The Kiwi, the brother and I flew in from the coasts to spend a couple of days with my parents and dog, to have a few days of a bonafide family vacation, filled with beer and cheese. I think on Saturday, all I did was eat cheese: cheese grits, nachos, buffalo chicken dip…

I haven’t been back to this area, known as South Walton or the beaches of [county road] 30A, since I was probably 20. The fact that it was clean and seemingly not affected by the oil spill a couple of years ago really made me happy. If I saw a single tar ball, I probably would have just ranted all weekend, to the chagrin of everyone in listening distance.

Understandably to you, dear reader, it’s hard to acclimate back to the last week of office life after spending a few days here. There is a lot of moving and transitioning to get through this week, so there will be much to share in the next couple of days.

To new visitors, welcome! To older visitors… hi! Thanks for coming back! I’ll have a honeymove update online tonight.