This week, I’m a little giddy because I discovered a promotion we may actually use to secure a hotel room in Southeast Asia via boutique and resort hotel sale site Jetsetter:

To get the promotion, you have to link your Amex card with your Tripadvisor account (TripAdvisor acquired Jetsetter in 2013), which is easy to do once you click the link. Then, after you make a booking for $150 or more before the end of September, Amex will credit your account $30.

This promotion comes after receiving an email this past weekend saying I had a $50 credit that expired after 48 hours — but I would have had to spend $400. That sort of spending is not in our travel budget. I have champagne taste and a beer budget. (For those of you from Maryland: a Natty Boh-get, if you will.)

The Kiwi and I plan on spending most nights at guesthouses and backpackers as we travel through Asia, with some flexibility to reserve a hotel room from time to time. This $30 credit promotion could make an two-night stay at the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi $108 a night. The $30 credit would almost cancel out the taxes and fees ($35), so it would come out to just over $200 total for a two-night stay.

It might be nice to book a hotel night after flying in from Seoul. Could be a very comfortable way to get our bearings in Hanoi. Although it is still pricier than what it would be to stay in a guesthouse. And the Kiwi showed me a great $35-per-night guesthouse.

Do you think I should use the credit and book a hotel room in Hanoi? Or should we stay with a guesthouse?

Want to recieve Jetsetter’s wanderlust-worthy emails? Here is my referral link to become a member. There is a $25 credit for me if you sign up, but sadly the hotels are often out of my budget regardless of bonuses. Need to find a way to make Internet millions.