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Welcome to my blog, Auck Ward! My name is Tina, and I will be the voice of this blog. I work in digital media and have done so in Washington, D.C. for the last seven years.

This fall, my husband (known as the Kiwi from now on, as Kiwi is a nickname for New Zealanders) and I will travel through Asia before we settle in Auckland for a couple of years. This blog will chronicle our experiences along the way.

I’ve always wanted to take a big trip and live abroad, and the Kiwi would like to be closer to his family. This is an opportune time in our lives for such a trip and move. Our parents, bosses and friends know that we are leaving the U.S. this fall. Overall, they are supportive, curious, excited… The Americans are a little bittersweet and, on occasion, jealous. The Kiwis are pretty happy to have their Kiwi back.

The Kiwi and I got married in May 2014 in Atlanta, and drove down to Savannah for a minimoon. On the drive back to Washington, D.C., we stopped in Charleston, S.C. and Wilmington, N.C. This Asia trip will be our megamoon, honeymove, actual-moon… Or, to paraphrase Joe Biden (bless him), the BFD trip.

(Fun fact: I learned about Joe’s BFD comment on U.S. health care reform from a winery employee in Marlborough, NZ, in 2010.)

This trip and move will be a major adjustment for me. Americans don’t often quit jobs to go travel (although the editor in me now wants to find some travel industry or HR stats on how many Americans quit to travel.) This American hasn’t been to East Asia or Southeast Asia; the Kiwi has backpacked through Southeast Asia. And while New Zealand is an English-speaking country, it has its own culture, politics, lifestyle and attitude.

I’m excited and nervous to embark on this journey. There is going to be a lot of personal discovery, and a lot of stories to tell you, my dear known and unknown reader. And this is why I will be blogging our trip along the way. I hope to share with you what it is like to totally throw yourself into unknown experiences.

Some posts you may see on this blog include:

  • Book reviews: I’m currently reading Fairness and Freedom: A History of Two Open Societies: New Zealand and the United States, by David Hackett Fischer. The author compares and constrasts the histories of the two nations. I’m reading this book as a primer for understanding my soon-to-be home.
  • Destination reviews, as we travel through the States and Asia.
  • First hand accounts of what I’m experiencing. Hopefully I will not creep into navel gazing.

I hope that you will introduce yourself and share your experiences traveling, moving, and becoming an expat. I hope to create a community that shares their travel war stories, their tips for stressless moves, their recs for awesome street food stalls, and how they found friends as an expats.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a ride. (I’m not sure if I said that to the audience or to reassure myself. But I’m going to let it stand.)

Thank you for visiting. Please come back anytime.


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  1. Love this, can’t wait to read more!

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